A kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook.

It is a place where we can enjoy ourselves, spend time with friends, and relax... whether we just want a quick bite or an unforgettable culinary experience. The kitchen is where we can express ourselves: where we let our creative juices flow, work with our hands, and dare to colour outside the lines.

A kitchen must be ergonomic, equipped with the highest quality technology, and also be aesthetically pleasing, ensuring it flows seamlessly into the dining area. There must also be plenty of storage space, and of course natural light.

To ensure our kitchens tick all these boxes, we work with Levasan. This specialised B2B kitchen builder for multi-residence projects delivers some 300 kitchens each year. Levasan has designed a kitchen for every type of apartment that satisfies these criteria. It is possible to deviate from these standard designs, and any additional costs for your selection will be incorporated into the total price. Our brokers will be happy to show you the various samples and colours available to choose from at our office.

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The bathroom is a place where we find inspiration, intimacy and relaxation. Relax and daydream in the bath or enjoy the peace and quiet under the rain showerhead. We have thought of everything in designing our bathrooms.

We found the perfect bathroom fixtures at Burgbad, a company that combines German reliability with a beautiful, clean contemporary look. The bathrooms and shower stalls have been designed for maximum comfort without having to make any sacrifices when it comes to aesthetics. It is always possible to make choices within the allocated budget. The Van Marcke staff would be happy to assist.

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A floor is never mundane. It determines the look and feel of a room to a great extent. In addition to the aesthetic aspects, factors such as ease of maintenance and wear- resistance are also crucial for us.

We work with the Tile Trade Center in Gooik to source the tiles we use. The beautifully designed displays in the spacious showroom are certain to inspire you.

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Not only does it create a warm atmosphere, wood also feels warm to the touch. It also reduces noise, making it ideal for an apartment.

We always work with a multi-layer package: an underfloor supplemented with a 4-mm top layer made from oak. The standard range offers five different types of finish to choose from. Our brokers will be happy to show you samples at our office. The parquet is suitable to use with underfloor heating.


The right lighting helps create a pleasant environment where you always feel at home. Naturally, we also take sustainability into account in our choices.

We have found the perfect partner in Delta Light for the lighting in our apartments. This company is a global trendsetter in architectural lighting concepts that stand out thanks to their subtle mix of atmosphere, elegance, functionality and design. The standard finishing package includes surface-mounted LED light fittings and an LED lamp. The advantage of these LED lamps with their ‘warm light’ feature is that they use ten times less energy than a traditional incandescent bulb, and last longer.

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There is no scarcity of comfort in the apartment building. The spacious Kone lift is energy-efficient and low-noise. The entrance boasts a separate area that is ideal for storing a pram. All the apartments come standard with a single coat of white primer, and the interior doors are painted with a white finish. If you like, you can have the apartment fully painted prior to move-in, including colour recommendations from a stylist (part of the final settlement bill).

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Safety first; after all, this is the only way you can truly feel at home. When it comes to safety and security, we have thought of everything.

Every apartment comes standard with a Euroblok EB-RF30 safety door. Entrance to the building is secured with automatic doors or gates that guarantee security. Both the garage and the storage rooms are fitted with lighting, and the apartments have integrated videophones. The building also has a fully functional and easily accessible stairway fire exit.

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We guarantee an energy-efficient apartment that not only satisfies all the statutory norms, it even surpasses them. We make this possible thanks to the consistent application of a few basic rules:

  1. We always ensure a properly insulated outer shell in combination with high air density.
  2. We install an individual type D ventilation system with heat recovery function.
    The major advantage of this is that every apartment occupant is also responsible for their own system, thus guaranteeing regular maintenance activities (replacing filters). 4 It is no longer possible for sound to be transferred through the piping between the various apartments.
  3. 5 Every apartment has its own central heating boiler. This high-efficiency condensing boiler is connected to the underfloor heating system. Depending on the type of apartment, some of them also come with a boiler.
    Underfloor heating has many advantages when compared with traditional radiators: it is energy-efficient, space-saving, low-maintenance and provides a pleasant, even heat.

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